Gin-Cor has a 400,000-square-mile sales area. Here’s how they serve it

THE job sounds simple: cover the territory. But the territory is huge, and the company is small. That’s the challenge for Gin-Cor Industries, a truck equipment distributor in Mattawa, Read More

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Celebrating 35 Years

Gin-Cor Industries is celebrating 35 years in business. Since 1978, it has been our pleasure to build the best vocational and severe service trucks on the road. To our many dedicated customers, our industry partners and suppliers and to our valued staff and tradesmen past and present, we thank you for helping Gin-Cor Industries become the company we are today.

Celebrating 35 Years
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Warranty & Service

Service and Warranty are what sets us apart in the industry. Our home location in Mattawa, Ontario is currently our base for service related work. In many cases, service and warranty issues can be handled at the dealership where you purchased your truck.

Warranty & Service